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Kota Medan, Indonesia
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Posted : 19 June 2020 00:00 WIB
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Back-End Engineer (Python) - Enterprise Management

Kategori Posisi : Umum
Jenjang : Diploma
Jurusan : Semua Jurusan
Company Description
We are a cloud-based enterprise management system for professional services such as
law, accounting, consulting, engineering and architecture firms. Our system allows our users to
have a seamless document, case and client management all in one place.
Job Description
 Integrate our backend with external tool and software via API or via web crawling
 Optimize our backend for performance
 Integrate uptime monitoring system and improve the uptime
 Develop features based on the backlog
 Great written and spoken English proficiency
 Proven experience in Python
 Proficient in working with SQL databases
 Knowledge of Docker and AWS (EC2, S3, RDS) or equivalent
 Knowledge of Node.js, HTML, CSS is a huge plus

Front-End Engineer (React/Vue/Angular) – Investment

Kategori Posisi : Umum
Jenjang : Diploma
Jurusan : Semua Jurusan
Company Description
The company is a leading investment firm based in Singapore
Job Description
 Conduct research and experiment with new and novel technology
 Learn and communicate research outcomes
 Design, develop, test, deploy, maintain and improve applications with best practices
 Perform technical due diligence of new products and services
 Understanding of at least one modern JavaScript framework, e.g. React, Angular or Vue
 Proficiency in JavaScript including DOM manipulation and JavaScript Object Model.
 Familiarity with Frontend build pipelines and tools such as Webpack
 Keep up with EcmaScript development
 Good understanding of CI/CD
 Experience working with cloud platforms

Mobile Engineer (React Native) - Automotive Industry

Kategori Posisi : Umum
Jenjang : Diploma
Jurusan : Semua Jurusan
Company Description
The company is a startup based in Hong Kong targeting and serving the automotive/vehicles
Job Description
 This is a full-time, remote position
 Design, develop, test, deploy, maintain, improve code written in React Native
 Develop and maintain integrations of React Native codebase with 3rd party services and APIs
 Assist with migration of React Native codebase and framework to version > 6.2's best practices
 Responsible for the overall look and feel of the mobile products
 Identify and resolve performance and scalability issues
 Write automated UI tests
 Participate in code reviews
 Get familiar with our practices and tools
 Collaborate and work closely with the engineering management team and stakeholders
 Proficiency in written and spoken English required
 Proficiency with Javascript and the latest versions of React Native (> version 6.2)
 Familiarity with relevant React Native ecosystem build pipelines, tools, libraries and community
best practices
 Proficiency with integration with 3rd party services and APIs, such as Firebase Cloud Messaging
for mobile notifications and Chat SDKs such as Sendbird
 Good understanding of real-time design patterns, async and WebSockets (socket.io)
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